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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

This is so wonderful...

I seriously must be in the best place on campus right now. My room overlooks a courtyard and right now, 7 or so students are outside...some playing guitars, one playing hand drums, and all of them singing. It's midnight right now, and they show no signs of stopping. They've been at it for almost an hour already. And it makes me happy.

I love the community that I'm seeing and hearing right now. I'm witnessing the Kingdom on Earth...the Body of Christ. I'm eavesdropping on joy and freedom. And even though right now they're out there and I'm in here, our hearts are in the same place, and we're really all together.

"You are beautiful, my sweet sweet song...I will sing again" (what they're singing right now)

Again, I'm smiling.


Blogger Mike Clawson said...

Ah, you're making me nostalgic for my time at Wheaton. Enjoy these days while you can Erin. College life passes all to quickly. I'm not trying to depress you or anything, just encouraging you to savor every moment. :)

17 October, 2004 00:00  

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