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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh yes...I am definitely a big nerd...

I just sent this as an email to a friend, but it struck me so funny, I had to tell the world...even at the risk of you guys thinking it's just a weird Greek story. It's too funny not to share...

I'm such a big nerd. I was talking with Amanda, tonight about something that happened in our Greek class this morning, and it was so funny, I wanted to share it with the world. However, I don't think it'd be funny to most people...they'd all be like, "Yeah, you're a nerd, Erin." However, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Amanda and I are the only girls in the class, and the guys were all trying to outdo one another: ("I can translate without looking at my notes very much" . . . "Well, I can translate without using my notes at all..."). My prof, Dr. Rozema, is just amused at the whole thing. So finally, after watching them all compete with each other for a minute, he calls on our friend, Henry, to translate.

Henry gets excited easily.

So he's translating from John 12, and he keeps getting stuck on this one part. So Dr. Rozema starts asking him to think of the syntax of this particular participle. And Henry just starts shouting out all sorts of answers...and that seems to excite Dr. Henry keeps shouting all his guesses louder and louder...and Rozema keeps writing on the board faster and faster...It was Greek class filled with adrenaline!

It felt like I was watching "Win, Lose, or Draw"...but in Greek. I could just picture it going on, and finally Henry shouting "GENITIVE ABSOLUTE!!!" and then having his team win a bunch of money or a new car or something.

I love Greek class...I need a life. ;-)


Blogger imatt! said...

ah, the joys and horrors of greek class...

14 October, 2004 14:00  

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