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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Writer's block...


(Thanks to those of you who check up on this anyway, even though I've been at a loss for what to say lately.)


Blogger gerbmom said...

I miss reading what you have to say, but I understand. I have been worried about you! Glad to hear that all is well.

12 November, 2005 08:23  
Anonymous Paulie said...

Hmmm...writer's block, eh? Well I can help with that. How about you write about what God has been teaching you about yourself lately?? Is there anything you need to work on, or are you just the perfect Er I know?? ;P


Since we both have websites we can play twenty questions back and forth. I'll start:
Er---If you were stranded on an island and can only take ONE book and ONE music cd. What would they be?? I am guessing the music cd would be a WATERDEEP cd. :P But I am curious what ONE book you would take...did I mention it can only be ONE book, and why would you choose that ONE book?

Gotta go ttfn my friend. Loving you always and affectionately, Paulie. :D

13 November, 2005 14:15  

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