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Sunday, March 04, 2007

a lenten prayer

One night in early January, on an unusually mild night, I cracked our windows, smelled the freshness of the air, and jotted down this prayer. Looking back on it tonight, I think it's good to share during Lent.

Life-giver, Wind of refreshment deep and soft: blow upon us now. May your sweetness fill our noses and your healing strength our lungs. May your healing hand touch us exactly where it hurts, bringing wholeness and restoration to our stinging wounds, our aching limps, our ever-present scars. Forgive our broken hearts, and heal the bitterness that flares up so quickly and seeps out so slowly.

Grant us your peace, and through us, bind the brokenhearted.

But we need to be changed, too: turned around, converted. We've died and risen with you, but every day we need to live again your death and resurrection. Even when our thoughts are far from you and we cling to lesser lovers...we need you so.

In your love and in your mercy, cup our faces in your hands and turn our eyes to you. Take our hands and pull us close. And in our embrace, lay your hands upon our heads and pray for us - even as you heal us. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, touch us and make us whole.



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