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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This morning I saw a minute-long video that really impacted me. You can watch it here:

I spent a number of years working with the junior high and high school youth groups at church, and I can't tell you how many girls came to despise themselves because of their appearance. So they dressed and acted in ways to compensate. Some of it (like makeup and certain clothes) was relatively harmless, I'm sure; but the desire for attention, acceptance, and yes, even love, can drive someone to a lot of self-inflicted pain.

Telling girls they're beautiful doesn't convince them of much. How I wish it did.

And adolescent girls aren't the only ones who battle these demons.

May we all have eyes to see the truth.


Anonymous Paulie said...

I agree Er. It saddens my heart when I hear the beautiful women that I know and love wanting to go on a diet because they think they are "too fat". Or they try to get any attention they can get from men because they have not been treated any better than that.

Guys are getting the same way. They feel that they must have a sculpted body just so they can get the girl they want.

If a person is only attraceted to you from the changes you've made, then there is something lacking in that relationship. You know what I mean?

How's CTS?? Next time you guys come down lets go to the Carriag for a couple of hours and catch up, or even stop by the apartment and we can have chinese. :) Sorry I missed you last time you were down.

Have a great weekend!
Love Always,

04 November, 2006 02:54  

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