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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's so simple...right?

I just finished reading a post on theooze about telling a person you like him or her. It wasn't even about dating relationships at was about how even platonic relationships can leave you wondering, "Do they really like me?"

It's amazing to me that telling a person you like them takes so much courage. I don't quite understand why, but it really puts us on the line. I wonder why it is that telling peopple that you appreciate who they are and genuinely like them is so hard? Why does that put us in a tough spot?

At the same time, though, it's meant so much to me when someone has approached me and told me that they like me. Especially when it's left at that, it makes me feel so appreciated and special. It's a way God constantly reminds me of the value He's put on me...and plus, it just plain makes me happy.

I want to do the same for others...letting the people I care about or respect or even admire from a distance know that I like them.

Time to pray that God gives me the guts to tell some really cool people in my life that I like them...


Blogger Mike Clawson said...

Isn't it awesome when someone affirms you!? But you're right, it's so hard to actually do for someone else. I think the problem is that none of us are really very good at doing it without feeling awkward. We don't know what to say, we don't know how the other person is going to receive it, and we don't know what they'll think of us once we do affirm them. What if they think we're some kind of weird psycho-stalker!

But it has to be done. People are so rarely encouraged and affirmed. It's an awesome ministry to just be able to tell people that you like them. Just a few unexpected, heartfelt words can make a world of difference.

BTW, Erin, I think you're an amazing person, and honestly, you're one of my favorite people to talk to. :)


31 October, 2004 00:30  
Blogger Erin said...

Mike, I definitely agree with what you said. I especially resonated with what you said about not knowing how to receive it...and not coming across as a "psycho-stalker." That's definitely something that makes me socially awkward sometimes...I really appreciate people but am always unsure how much to let on so that I don't come across either as overbearing, psycho, or like I have a huge crush on someone. I'm not sure if that makes me wise, or if it just means I overanalyze.

Oh, and by the way...your words here made me so happy...that seriously made my day. Thank you.

Mike, I also love talking to you as well. You're someone that I've come to respect and look up to so much. You always make me feel valued, and I want to be able to think as much as you do, too. You're someone I respect so much, and I really do like you. I'm glad I know you.

05 November, 2004 00:32  

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