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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A new level of cool

So, over spring break, I watched The Incredibles with my family. Overall, the movie was pretty cute, but my favorite part had to do with the lady who designed the Incredibles' superhero suits, Edna. She was, by far, the coolest character of the whole movie. Not only was she funny, but she was short, kind of nerdy, and people called her E. I think that's way cool.

So, I've been thinking lately, I might actually have the potential to reach Edna's level of coolness. OK, I definitely don't have the artistic flair (or the awesome scientific mind), but I'm short, kind of nerdy, and some people call me E. I have a lot going for me, I think.

Time to go and do something cool...

(yeah, that's right!)


Anonymous Paulie said...

Can I still call you Er?? You are a nerd and short, but that is why we love you my friend!! :P Just wanted to leave you another post on your site and tell you again you and your crew for Thainto's class did a great job today!! When I was watching you preach your sermon I was like, "Woah...I just had a glimpse of what Er will look like in the future". ;) I will be praying for you my friend. I hope all is going well. :D Love Always, Paulie

06 May, 2005 00:51  

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