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Monday, April 18, 2005

I won't be mistaken for a high schooler anymore...

Back in November, on a trip with our high school students from church, one of the freshman girls who I was responsible for thought, the whole first day of the trip, that I was a high school freshman as well. I thought it was hilarious...for some reason, I really get a kick out of it! (And that's definitely not the only time something like that has happened!)

Now, though, all that is about to change...

I got braces I can be mistaken for a jr. higher. ;-)

(In all seriousness, though, I'm very grateful for being able to begin the final step in my years of dental troubles and treatment; I really appreciate God taking care of me and getting everything all fixed!)


Anonymous Paulie said...

Hey Er!! you know that you will probably be the only seminary student on campus with braces?!?! :P But that is all good. I am glad to hear that your dental woes are almost over with. God definitely has been good and He will continue to be good...that is one thing that I have to remember if I plan to go to Graduate School in a couple of years. Have a great day my friend and I will ttyl. :D

20 April, 2005 13:04  

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