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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just to clarify

Rereading my last post, I realized that it may have come across that I was deeply hurt by this experience. While it did, in fact, suck, I'm ok, and am confident of God's call on my life (and not worried about seminary).

What I was trying to get at was the deeper issue of discrimination in general. It's made me aware of my need to be an instrument of compassion and justice, not one of discrimination (which, sadly, I am too often).

OK...amen. ;-)


Anonymous tara b. said...

er, that really sucks that you had to experience that, although I am not surprised by it at all.

04 March, 2005 12:04  
Blogger Mike O said...

That's a bummer. :(

Say (Totally off topic) :

check out

22 March, 2005 14:48  

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