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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Because I love Jenn (and Matt is my fan) ;-)

I know I haven't posted in a while...things have been incredibly busy! You know that feeling where you're underwater, and just when you think you'll be able to get your head above water for a minute to take a breath, you get swept underneath again? Yeah...I'm swimming right now.

In spite of my busyness, things have been good. We started a theology club on campus this semester, and I am so excited about it. It sounds kind of dorky, but it's not at all. This week, the group's getting together and talking about how Christians should respond to violence. The emphasis for this meeting, though, is to start out with how it works out personally. Violence is more than hurting someone physically. Gosh, even pretending not to see someone could be an act of violence, in a sense. We're planning on hitting on a lot of relevant and compelling issues, and we're really being pushed to think. I also really appreciate the prof who's working with us on this; he's really challenging us to lead and I appreciate that a lot. I'm being stretched so much, but it's definitely making me stronger.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a conference at Wheaton College, called Acting on AIDS. A bunch of college students from the US and Canada are coming and we're going to talk about what we can do to help serve the people suffering from the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

To be honest, I'm not looking forward to going...maybe it's just because I've been so overwhelmed with stuff the past few weeks. But I know that God will be with us, and there's a reason why we're I want to be attentive to that. I'll be fine once I'm there, and in a couple days, I'll be back. I pray God will use this weekend.

I've been thinking about Lent a lot. When I get a chance, I want to sit down with some well-thought-out reflections...or at least a quote or something. ;-)

So yes, that concludes my update.

Jenn and Matt, you guys crack me up. Your requests to get me to update this make me feel special!


Blogger imatt! said...

hurray! a post from erin! i got my fix!

20 February, 2005 19:50  
Blogger Mike Clawson said...

Stink! You should have told me you were in the Wheaton neighborhood Erin. I could've come over and said hi.

20 February, 2005 23:42  

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