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Monday, July 04, 2005

More dangerous than I realized

Yesterday evening, after having spent the afternoon reading and relaxing, I got a phone call from my dear friend, Anna. It was so good to spend a couple hours talking and catching up...but she also shared some surprising information with me. Let's back up a little bit...

Back in May, Anna and Amanda came over to my house, and we spent some time rough-housing with each other and my ten-year-old brother, Peter. Near the end of our playtime, Anna snuck up behind me and began tickling me. Being crazy-ticklish, my body reacted to protect itself, and I elbowed Anna smack in the nose...hard (my elbow actually hurt from the impact). Anna was a good sport about it all, but her nose was a bit swollen and bruised for about a week afterwards.

So, yesterday Anna told me that she had visted her doctor this past week, and he informed her that her nose had been broken. It's true...I broke Anna's nose.

Now, for people who know me but don't know the details of the story, it would be kind of funny to tell people that I broke Anna's nose; I might actually seem tough. (OK, probably not, but the thought did cross my mind.)

Hm...It's not that I'm a violent person, but I am a spaz, and I think that sometimes makes me unintentially dangerous. (This same sort of spaziness has also caused me to accidentally fling glasses off of my friend Amanda's face, and even to hit one of my professors, too...and I'm sure there are other incidents I don't remember offhand.)

The moral of this story? Don't mess with me. ;-)

Actually, I just figured you all might appreciate the story. (And may God bless Anna for her kindness and mercy to me!)


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