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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A quick work break

I've been working all morning on a paper that's due later this week, and my brain is currently stuck. I think I need to spend a couple minutes being creative to get everything working again... [edit: I looked and saw that my pictures got squished to the left side...but you can still figure out what they are...but they were cooler when they were spaced the right way!]

() ()

(that's a mousee)

[] [] []
[] [] [] []

(that's a street with houses)

> >
+ +

(that looks like an unhappy/sick pig)

? ?

(that's a happy pig)

{} []


(that's bread and's the subject of the paper I'm writing!)

Haha...that's really funny to me. OK, time to get back to work...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh erin.

(i wish i would have thought of them)

17 May, 2005 19:35  

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