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Sunday, April 23, 2006

St. Francis again!

I found another prayer this week attributed to St. Francis. With the many challenges and stresses that come with the final weeks of school, I've found this challenging, refreshing, and sustaining. Again, it puts words to a prayer I've been trying to pray on my own the last few weeks...and I count that as a wonderful gift.

"Our Father,
each day is a little life, each night a tiny death;
help us to live with faith and hope and love.
Lift our duty above drudgery;
let not our strength fail, or the vision fade, in the heat and burden of the day.
O God, make us patient and pitiful with one another in the fret and jar of life,
remembering that each fights a hard fight and walks a lonely way.
Forgive us, Lord, if we hurt our fellow souls;
teach us a gentler tone, a sweeter charity of words, and a more healing touch.
Sustain us, O God, when we must face sorrow;
give us courage for the day and hope for the morrow.
Day unto day may we lay hold of thy hand and look up into thy face,
whatever befall,
until our work is finished and the day is done.
-St. Francis of Assisi


Anonymous tu Amiga said...

I love your entries every time

27 April, 2006 08:18  
Blogger Randy said...


Just finished reading a post of yours from last fall over at the ooze. I'm was raised in the crc, a calvin grad, and a former calvin sem student as well (MA in educatinal ministry).

When you get to west michigan in the fall, feel free to look us up. We would love to help you feel 'at home' in west michigan.


08 May, 2006 04:06  
Blogger Erin said...


I very much appreciated your comment. I would love to touch base when we're in GR. In fact, a friend who's coming to Calvin Sem with me has met you and talked with you before over the summer...she had gone to a discussion group you guys had up there. It was neat to see that connection.

So, thank you for the note; I appreciate that a lot.

Peace to you,

13 May, 2006 09:54  
Anonymous James said...


It's really time for you to update your blog. What does a newly minted graduate have to say? One can only wonder...

Grace and joy,


21 May, 2006 13:36  
Blogger Erin said...


It is time for me to update my blog, isn't it? Once I take some time to find out what I'm actually thinking, I'll be sure to share.

Grace and joy to you as well,


21 May, 2006 15:40  

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