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Thursday, February 09, 2006

In the quiet

It's been a month since I wrote last (many thanks to those of you who don't give up on this little blog), but I can't stop thinking about the restraint of God.

When I wrote about that last, most of my focus was on how it feels to be the recipient of a love so strong that it has to come to be given to us through at least some measure of restraint.

But lately I've been thinking about what it means to be the one giving love through holding back, being quiet, refraining - identifying with the One who restrains himself.

If it's true that we really are united with Christ, I wonder if sharing in that restraint is part of what it means to share in his and others' sufferings. I'm finding that it takes a lot of love and a lot of faith to take a step back and be silent, trusting that in my restraint, my Father's love will touch and comfort his children, to give them exactly what they need.

If all that's true and the love of God is like, it makes me want to be and love like him.

May our dear ones experience the strong love of Christ through the quiet restraint of our love.


Blogger dankashane said...

Hi, Erin--

This is Shane Tytenicz. I don't know that you'd remember me, but I came to uprooted out in Wheaton a few times. I saw your blog listed on Mike Clawson's blog. I checked yours out, and gosh--what wonderful, soothing reading.

It sounds like you're in seminary. Where? I did a semester at Trinity and a semester at Deerfield before moving back to Oklahoma to be with family.

I'm "detoxing" from church, though I attend a really neat Mass every Sunday evening--I guess I can't fully kick my addiction!

Anyway, after reading your blog, I thought, "Geez--I wish she was MY pastor!" So, perhaps you're on the right path!

I'd love to stay in touch and share thoughts occasionally--knowing fully well that a seminarian has precious little time to spare. My e-mail is

Wishing you and your blog the best,

10 February, 2006 16:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is true that we're united with Christ. So I'm confident that your dear ones have experienced your love and the healing love of Christ.

Have faith and be in prayer.

13 February, 2006 07:45  
Blogger Erin said...

I appreciate those words a lot - a source of encouragement and peace.

13 February, 2006 23:33  
Anonymous Paulie said...

To practice the restraint in sharing one's love for another is a difficult discipline, but it is proof that we are united in Christ Jesus.
He showed restraint in many areas of sharing His love for His children (Lazerus was one of His "best friends", the only man Jesus ever wept publicly least I can think of, yet Jesus waited days since Lazerus' death to come and raise him from the dead).
We are to be like Christ Jesus. Thus (coming from my limited philosophical thought :P) in practicing this restraint we are achieving the goal in being like Christ...aka in Christ Jesus.
It reminds me of the book of Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything...this restraint is that time.
I love you dearly my friend and will be praying for has been a very rough week for the both of us.
Love Always,

19 February, 2006 23:52  

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