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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

...and another sigh if relief!

I have seen God's hand today in so many's amazing.

Last night, Amanda prayed that my nervousness wouldn't keep building, but that it would reach a plateau, and there I would find peace. And it's crazy...I was definitely nervous, but not bad at all.

While I was getting prepped, I was talking to my oral surgeon (who I respect a lot, by the way). He was asking me what I'm studying at school, and when I told him he opened up and told me a couple times how he really needs to have "more religion" in his life. It wasn't just something said out of guilt, though...there was sincere longing in his eyes. And then, he also told me a couple times, "You're a very good girl...I can see that." It was he saw Something in me. (I wish I could explain it better in words)

The actual surgery went well...I remember talking to my doctor, and then the next thing I knew, the nurse said, "OK, sweetie, you're all done." It was the craziest thing, but cool!

Since I've been home, I've definitely been sore, but I've also been feeling very good. I stopped bleeding a little after lunchtime, and have even been up and around the house. I haven't even laid down yet (due to doctor's orders...mostly I've just been sitting around). I'm happy to be functional! (I even helped my brother with his math homework!)

Last night as I was praying about all this, I asked God to not let me be loopy...I just wanted to be myself through all of it. And it's been so cool - even on my vicadin (well, the generic equivalent), I've been totally 'with it.'

Tara stopped by tonight with lots of soft food, and some beautiful red tulips. Her visit and love made my afternoon! Oh, and my mommy has been so good to me today, too! I love her so much!

I'm still amazed that for the first time in almost ten years (wow, nearly half my life), I'm all better. Years of worrying and prayer have all been taken care of today. There's other work that still needs to be done, but the hard part is over, and it'll be much easier from here.

God is so good...thanks for praying (and listen to me talk so long about my teeth!). : )


Blogger imatt! said...

glad to hear things went well, erin.

15 January, 2005 17:23  
Blogger Jennifer said...

erin, babe, update your blog! :)

28 January, 2005 23:30  
Blogger Erin said...

Thanks, Matt.

You got it, Jenn!

29 January, 2005 10:20  

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