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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Answered prayer and a huge sigh of relief...and a little anxiety yet

A couple days ago I heard from my prof who was in Indonesia when the tsunami hit. He said his entire family was safe, but asked us to keep the whole region in our prayers still. Thank you guys for all your prayers for him...I know God turned His ear to them. (Whew...huge sigh of relief!)

Oh yes, one more thing. As my friend Katy fondly called it, tomorrow is "D-day" for me (the "d" standing for "dental"). I've been talking about this a lot lately, but it's the biggest medical procedure I'll have ever had...and it'll also be the first time since jr. high that my mouth will be back to normal (after I get my braces, anyway). Even though it's going to be a rough couple days coming up, I am so psyched to not be in pain anymore. So even though anxiety comes with my anticipation for the morning, that too is an answered prayer (as my dear Anna mentioned tonight).

God is good, friends. Thank you for praying, and please keep it up!

Grace, peace, and much love to you.


Blogger Jennifer said...

praying for you, erin! hope it goes perfectly. can't wait to see your big beautiful smile! :)

11 January, 2005 10:02  
Blogger imatt! said...

let us know how the recovery's coming. praying for you...

11 January, 2005 20:59  
Blogger Erin said...

Jenn - thank you for your prayers and warm words! I can't wait til I can see you someday...haha, and when you see my big smile, I'll probably have braces by then, too! :-) (I'm not worried about that at all, though). I love you, Jenn!

Matt, thanks for asking how I'm doing; I appreciate that a lot (and just wrote a reply). Thank you also so much for praying; I find myself living off the prayers of God's people so much!

11 January, 2005 23:22  

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